2018 Is well under way and while we might not have kept up with all our new year resolutions *cough* gym membership *cough* we certainly haven’t been slacking on the development front. We’re starting the new year with a bang and have been hard at work on the latest system updates to make Khaos Control Cloud even more intuitive and user friendly.

This month the updates on our Cloud ERP system focus on user experience and improving our integrated accounts functions, including:

  1. Updating the accounts functions to allow for greater forecasting and analysis of the previous years accounts and simplifying the Year-end process.
  2. Improving our unique backorder list function to allow for more intuitive searching by Stock Type and Disabling Stages to allow for greater system personalisation.

Accounts Clear Down Function on Year End Balance Sheet

At Khaos we understand how busy you are running your business. Year-end accounts can be a laborious and time-consuming task and not something you want to spend all your time on.

Unfortunately, Year-end accounts are something no business can escape and while it might not be the most exhilarating of subjects, it does provide you with valuable information that can help with forecasting for the coming financial year. It also allows you to monitor if you are on track to meet your targets.

With this in mind, we have simplified the Year-end routine. Users can now analyse the previous year’s financial data at the click of a button. This new update will greatly reduce the amount of time you, the customer, has to devote to Year-end accounts and allows you to get back to what you do best, running your business.

 Exporting Nominal Transactions Within a Specific Date Range

Accuracy in financial reporting is crucial for a business to succeed. We understand that the capability to quickly export accounts for audits and analysis is paramount, particularly when this information needs to be sent out to a third party such as an accountant or bookkeeper.

In the latest update, we have modified Khaos Control Cloud to make this process easier and more streamlined. Users can now export nominal accounts within a specified date range, meaning you don’t have to spend excessive hours sifting through pages upon pages of financial reports, or paying someone else to sift through this information.

The new update allows users to send the required account information off to relevant third parties, quickly, accurately and without any fuss, saving you valuable time and money.

Stock Type and Disabled Stages Filters to Backorder List

Khaos Control Cloud leads the competition when it comes to controlling and monitoring your back orders with a dedicated backorder function. We recognise that dynamic businesses need to be able to keep on top of current stock levels, purchases and sales orders in order to fulfil sales and ensure that the customer is delighted. As a business, we are constantly striving to make this process even more streamlined to make your lives as easy and as stress free as possible.

In the latest update, customers can now search for back orders by Stock Type, meaning you can quickly locate which orders have gone out and which are due to arrive, allowing you to maintain those crucial relationships with suppliers and customers that allow your business to thrive.

We’ve also added a ‘Hide Disabled Stages’ filter. This gives you complete control over whether you want to limit your Back Order Management to orders that are yet to be processed, or if you also want to include orders that are in picking, shipping or another active stage in the Invoice Manager. The filter defaults to only show you orders that are not currently being picked, packed and despatched, as this minimises the chance for errors in your fulfilment process. However, this new function means that if you do want to include ALL orders in your back order management, you can.

Something Not Quite Right? We’ll Fix It

Regular readers of our update blog posts will know that we always run through the key fixes that have also been included. This release sees resolutions for the following issues:

  • Quotations not printing correctly from the Sales Invoice Manager
  • Mobile Experience fixes, including:
    • CRM Contact Summary dialog not displaying as expected
    • What’s New screen not displaying consistently on Mobile & Tablet
    • Double-tap on grids not working on tablet
    • Hamburger menu overlap on scroll
    • Trial Balance usability
  • Grid search returning user back to first page of a grid
  • Page sizing on grids
  • Grid options menu loading automatically in error
  • Dashboard report caching
  • Balance Sheet not always displaying all lines

Would you like to know where we’re headed next?

If our latest update doesn’t include the functionality that you and your business are waiting for, click through to our Development Roadmap, up-vote the functionality you want to see introduced and tell us why.

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