What a month May has been! A Royal wedding, a nail-biting FA cup final, people thinking that audio clip says Laurel when it clearly says Yanny, and the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR has been somewhat a headache for firms and individuals. Many people spoke of their dismay at the flurry of emails they received in the run up to GDPR asking them to opt in to company emails. No sooner had the new regulations come in as a lawsuit was filed against Google and Facebook for breaching the regulations. Luckily, we here at Khaos Control Cloud have been working hard to update our system to ensure that our customers can use our system with confidence in the era of new data regulations.

As well as updating the system in line with GDPR, we’ve also included some new features to the system including:

• New Picksheet features
• MailChimp Integration
• Invoice Previewer
• New Integrations Set Up Screen

New Features on the Picksheet

Picksheets now feature new columns such as Associated Reference, Expected Delivery Date, and the Courier and Service the order is to be sent out on. These added columns on the Picksheet mean a huge improvement in warehouse picking efficiency as orders are prioritised based on the expected delivery date.


While we’re certain most people are tired of hearing about this, GDPR is a serious matter and customers need to be able to use Khaos Control Cloud confident in the knowledge that they are compliant with the new regulations, or risk receiving hefty fines. Luckily we have you covered.

In this update, users can head to a customer record and in the other actions menu find two new buttons, one to hold customer data and another to anonymise it, meaning Cloud is compliant with the new regulation. Be advised, once customer data has been anonymised it cannot be undone, however, only those with Admin rights are able to do this. Hold data can be toggled on and off. Once it is toggled on, you can’t process customer data until it is toggled off again.

New Integrations Set Up Screen

With the advent of MailChimp Integration, users will now see a new Integrations Screen in System Setup. This is also where the Sage Pay Integration can now be found. This is to group integrations together and make it easier to set up these integrations.

MailChimp Integration

MailChimp Integration has finally come to Khaos Control Cloud due to popular demand. In System Settings, users will find a new Integrations Screen for getting going with it, and also our Sage Pay Integration whose setup counts the Integrations Screen its new home. To link your MailChimp account to Khaos Control Cloud, simply copy your API key which can be found on your MailChimp account in to the box shown on Cloud. Users can then export email addresses from the customer Sales Screen in Reports and then add these addresses to various MailChimp lists. It’s a powerful feature, as it makes targeting customers for special offers and events that much easier – users can stay in Cloud to export, rather than relying on cumbersome copying-and-pasting.

Invoice Previewer

Users of Khaos Control Cloud can now send customers an invoice link to preview them without having to download an attachment, giving your customers piece of mind. In the notifications screen, there is now the option to copy the invoice link to clipboard. Once this is done, users can email this link to customers rather than having to attach a PDF.

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