SCS (size colour style)

We’re coming in hot with our latest Khaos Control Cloud update and introducing the long-awaited SCS module. SCS means multiple product variations can be inputted into the system, so you can add in, for example, different colours and sizes of t-shirts, without having to create a separate stock item for each variation. These variants are all held under one parent item, and Khaos Control Cloud, using the parent item’s stock code and description, will help you populate child items.

You can also copy SCS ‘profiles’ within the solution. So, once you’ve created a main SCS profile (containing parent and child items), you can directly copy this and then amend the details, instead of having to create new profiles each time you want to add an SCS item.

The SCS module works for a variety of business, and we’re excited to be able to cater to new industries that we couldn’t before, like clothing and car part sellers.

Stock delivery surcharges

We’ve added a section where you can add in extra charges, usually one-off costs, that occur when delivering your stock. This could be things like costs associate with delivering particularly heavy items, and therefore requiring a special van to cater to that delivery. You can add the charge of that van, for example, to a stock item, without having to add it across the rest of your stock. Gain complete control of your delivery costs and get more accurate figures than ever before.

Courier configuration

Before our courier configuration details were read-only within the solution, however you can now edit these. Amend courier details like description, value and other details, all to help better your courier information within the system.

Stock list ad hoc report

The Stock List report in the ad-hoc reports section has been amended to make it more compatible with the existing KCC data import function. This means that it’s now easier to export your product data, manipulate data, and then re import the products back into the system.

We’ll remember your preferences

When you choose how much data you want to load on each page (the page size), we’ll remember that information across the whole system. It’ll get saved straight to your user preferences, making the system easier for you to navigate without affecting other users.

Not yet a customer? If you’re not currently using Khaos Control Cloud, but the above updates are of interest to you, why not book a demo?