Ready for the lowdown on the October 2018 update? Us too. October has been a great month for us at Khaos Control Cloud. We are constantly seeking to introduce new updates to ensure our software is the best ERP solution in the UK. This month sees an exciting integration with Despatch Bay, as well as some functionality updates to make the system more intuitive than ever.

Other key features in October’s update include:

  • Returns analysis report
  • Ad hoc SQL reports screen
  • System health checks
  • Invoice margin reporting tool

System Health Checks

When you first open Khaos Control Cloud, you’re greeted with a new system health tab on the dashboard. This feature checks a number of areas within the system to see if there are any potential problems, and then provides a breakdown of these problem areas and hints on how to solve the issues. Key features in this screen are the overall health rating, total number of known problems, and a detailed description of the problems in your application. This is a great new screen that provides a quick overview of what’s going on in your system and should be a first port-of-call when opening the application at the start of a new day. Some of the common problems listed in this screen are issues such as invoices not being moved from one of the processing stages in sales invoice manager for more than 10 days, or having items on order from your suppliers for more than 6 months within Khaos Control Cloud.

Returns Analysis Report

In the customer returns section we have introduced a shiny new button which, when clicked, shows a table analysing your customer returns. This shows the reasons for a customer return, the value of the original goods and value of goods returned, as well as some other key data.

Ad hoc SQL Reports

This snazzy new feature allows you to run predefined ad hoc reports, so if you have custom reports for KCC you’d be able to access and run them from this screen. Custom SQL reports are created for you on request by KCC support, and when you run these reports you can retrieve more in-depth information about your own system. An ad hoc report can be anything to help further your business, as long as it can be based on the data contained in your system.

Invoice Margin Report Added to Sales Order

This great new option provides an invoice profit and margin report, and shows you the breakdown of values when you’re in a sales order or quotation. It provides the gross total, net total, cost of sale, profit and profit margin of your selected invoice, and can be used to quickly see your profit and margins for an invoice at a glance. To access this, go into your chosen invoice, click onto the ‘Actions’ menu and select ‘margin report’.

Despatch Bay Integration

Despatch Bay works to make fulfilling new orders, arranging shipping and organising returns much easier. Despatch Bay has been designed to save you time, effort and reduce your ecommerce stress. It’s free to create an account, and you only pay for the parcels you ship. Our integration with Despatch Bay means you can create shipping labels during the despatching process without re-keying errors – important information like address, contact and order data is updated within both Khaos Control Cloud and Despatch Bay at the same time to prevent mistakes. Interested in this integration? Give one of our KCC sales team a call on 0845 544 3032 to discuss setting up the integration.

Other Usability Improvements

Tick-boxes – we have introduced some very handy tick-boxes on the left hand side of every item in a grid. This allows you to check the box to select an item, making our system that bit more intuitive. The tick-boxes have been introduced to every grid within Khaos Control Cloud, so you’ll never be stuck selecting items again.

Sticky columns – in grids that require you to scroll across to see all the information, our new update ensures that the first column in the grid freezes in place, no matter how far you scroll, so you can keep important information in sight at all times.

New filters for the ‘reports’ section – you can now filter reports by quotations and unprocessed or unissued sales orders.

That’s all folks. These are the key features in our latest update. You can check the ‘What’s New’ section in your Khaos Control Cloud application to see a detailed breakdown of all the changes that were made within this update.

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