With a bitterly cold October well underway, we are here with a new Khaos Control Cloud update to bring a little warmth to your business. This new update includes some smaller fixes like new filtering capabilities, as well as a Parcelforce integration and an unallocated transactions report. All to help your business run more smoothly and get more done in the lead up to Christmas.

We’re excited to announce our newest integration with Parcelforce. This integration enables you to choose Parcelforce as your desired shipping method and send delivery details to the courier as a result. This integration adds to our growing number of courier integrations, enabling you to offer even more shipping options to your customers.

Unallocated transactions report

We have developed an unallocated transactions report which lives within the accounts section. This shows the payments and credit notes that exist that haven’t been fully used (allocated) yet. This can be really useful to see whether a payment for something has been made in error, which can affect the outstanding balance for a customer or supplier. The report shows the sales and purchase ledger transactions for both suppliers and customers, so you have all of your unallocated, or part-allocated, transactions in one place for quick and easy viewing.

Email test mode

Another great feature in this newest update is email test mode. Within the email settings tab there is now a toggle, and when switched on, all emails generated will be test emails. This means the email is generated but doesn’t reach the customer, allowing you to check the email for any errors before it sets off to customers. Double check content, graphics, attachments and more, with minimal faff and maximum ease. You can see an overview of which emails were generated as tests within the email manager in your dashboard.

Other changes

  • Grids within the system now have a total page count
  • The optional organisation field found within an address can now pull across to your statements and purchase order reports.
  • Find the information you need more quickly in the KeyCode summary thanks to the new ability to filter by currency.

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