With the World Cup in full swing, the nation’s spirits are high and a veritable buzz can be felt in the air. So, over at Khaos Control Cloud, we thought we would add to it by releasing another update!

This month’s update has seen some exciting new features make their way into Khaos Control Cloud. So, what can you expect to pop up?

  • System Set Up Wizard
  • Post Code Lookup
  • 3rd party API for Courier Integration
  • DPD Integration
  • Parcelhub Integration

System Set Up Wizard

Khaos Control Cloud enables businesses to control and streamline all of their business processes in one easy-to-use solution. On the back of ease of use, we have developed a System Set Up Wizard to guide new users through basic system set up. The Wizard guides you through adding key company details, such as name and operating address, that then appear on invoices and other customer-facing documents. You also have a chance to choose document settings, such as the templates for picking sheets, and invoices you want the system to use automatically.

Post Code Lookup

Post Code Lookup gives you, just like it sounds, the ability to look up any post code and assign your shipment to the best address match. Easily accessible from within the menu, this is a handy edition for anyone looking for a quick alternative to typing in the full address. To access this feature, simply go onto an existing company, or create a new one through the Company screen, click on the Address and Contact tab, then on the right hand of the screen you’ll find the Post Code Lookup button.

3rd party API for Courier Integration

Have a courier your business favours? Our 3rd party API opens the door to all courier integrations, so you can use Khaos Control Cloud with any courier that suits your business needs. The API requires you to have a tech-savvy mindset or access to a developer who can code the associated API. We then can plug this integration in Khaos Control Cloud for you, and enable instantaneous sharing of shipping data with your chosen courier, which can then be sent back and converted into sales order information. The ability to print associated labels for each courier is now also available through this API.

DPD and Parcelhub Integrations

For those unaware, we currently have direct integrations with DPD and Parcelhub, introduced in this update, so no extra coding is required to integrate with these couriers.

Using the DPD courier integration, you are able to send shipping details to DPD and receive shipping labels back for printing.

While using the Parcelhub integration, you are able to send shipping details to Parcelhub. It will then use its own configuration to route that data to your chosen courier. Parcelhub supports UK Mail, ParcelForce, Hermes, Yodel, DHL and many more.

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