We’re beginning Spring with a brand new Khaos Control Cloud update. This blog will cover the biggest updates as well as the smaller tweaks we’ve made to make this system the best it can be.

Channel Product Downloads

Our new Channel Product Download or Import feature means you can now import products directly from your sales channels such as eBay and Amazon. Bring in your whole product list with a click of a button and save yourself a great deal of time and hassle.

A screenshot showing the stock import option for an eBay channel

ShipTheory Integration

Our new integration with the automated shopping application, ShipTheory means our customers now have access even more couriers. Build an automated and flexible shipping process using ShipTheory and Khaos Control Cloud.

Our integration with ShipTheory means you can automate an efficient order fulfilment process from one, easy to use platform. Their shipping rules engine allows you to automate shipping based on a combination of shipping destination, order weight, value, product SKU’s and more.
Shipping is simple with Khaos Control Cloud and ShipTheory, and we’re proud to offer this as a new integration for our customers.

A laptop showing the Shiptheory setup page with a mobile phone and label printer next to it

Universal Lookup

One of most intuitive updates yet, universal lookup allows you to find codes across all document types. Simply enter the number in front of you, be that a stock item, product number or reference number, and you’ll be able to go directly to the source of the code. This feature will allow you to find important information within an instant and can be a crucial feature when it comes to finding customer information on the spot.

Other notable changes

An update to our Reports section means you can now view your Monthly Sales and credit split out month by month. This means you can get an instant overview of how your business is performing throughout the year.

A screenshot of the monthly sales screen in Khaos Control Cloud

The ability to create new Comm Log entries means you can quickly create updates directly from the CRM Leads screen, saving you having to start a new chain of comm log from within the customer record, as was the case before.

A screenshot of the comm log screen for leads in Khaos Control Cloud

A new ‘demo’ banner in the system means you can clearly see when you’re switching between a demo vs. live environment of the system.

A screenshot of the dashboard with the demo banner showing in Khaos Control Cloud

When it comes to Order Processing, we have now added functionality that auto-releases invoices from Awaiting Date when the dates come around. the means you don’t have to worry about your orders being somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Not currently a customer? You can have a look at some of the other exciting features of Khaos Control Cloud here.