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09 Mar 2015

Our Experience in ERP Business Software & eCommerce


Khaos Control Solutions has many years’ experience of delivering proven, robust business software solutions in the UK. Our customer retention rate is high and most of our new business comes from customer referrals. Our ERP solution is of the highest quality and packed full of useful features that will save your business time and money. Our eCommerce solutions stand out from the rest of competition as they are built with the experience gained from working with hundreds of multichannel retail businesses since 2000.

Over 200 UK companies use Khaos Control every working day to help grow their operations and make efficiency savings.

Why Khaos Control is the right choice for your business

  1. Happy Customers – There are not many system vendors that can claim to have a raft of customers that, once they have found their software, never want to purchase another system again in the future. We have a very high customer retention rate. Just take a look at our testimonials and case studies pages and feel free to contact them directly and ask them about how we are helping their business.
    Our continued success is a direct result of remembering that we are not here just to sell business software, but to help our customers realise their potential via the use of our software and services.
  2. Passion – We are passionate about our products and take a great deal of care in evolving them to high standards. Our internal procedures are such that we aim to always offer a quality service to customers, whilst ensuring that our business software is the best it can be.
  3. Where we lead, others follow – There is no doubt it’s hard to find better all round packages than Khaos Control and Complete Commerce. Just in terms of the amount of multichannel mailorder software functionality there is encapsulated into both products; it means that many vendors take their lead from us when considering what developments they should make to their products. Imitation is a form of flattery, but we think you’ll want to be with the leaders, not the followers.
  4. Superior Value – A strap-line we’ve used for years is, “Enterprise level functionality at SME prices”. It’s true: Khaos Control has so much functionality it can easily be compared to high-end systems from enterprise level vendors. We know this because we can go into a demo situation against such systems and win deals because the only difference between us and them is that we are less expensive, both in terms of initial cost and on-going daily rates. As multichannel business software goes, Khaos Control offers superior value for money, when its price is compared to its quality.
  5. Service Levels – Of course we understand that as a customer you want the best business software package available, but it’s important that that ERP software is backed by a company with sufficiently high service levels.
    At Khaos Control Solutions we pride ourselves on offering top quality support services, cost effective development services, effective training services and practiced project control services. The complete business software / service package offers unparalleled levels of quality and customer satisfaction.
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