Packaging matters

Controlling the inventory levels of your packaging items can significantly speed up your packing process, instantly eliminating the prospect of running out of certain types of packaging. A clearer insight into packaging levels means a clearer insight into forecasting your requirements and reporting on them for your busiest seasons.

packaging really matters with khaos control packing software

optimise your packaging materials khaos control packing software

The right packaging for the right item

Our packing software allows automated packaging selection means you can link specific products in your inventory to their own specific packaging needs. This ensures your delicate and fragile items arrive at their destination well protected and secure – every time.

Accuracy is key

Accuracy in your picking and packing process is key to a successful ecommerce business – one mistake can lead to customer dissatisfaction, as well as an expensive logistics problem. Packing is labour intensive work where the pressure for fast performance combined with its repetitive nature causes mistakes. Our automated packing software is there to alleviate some of that pressure.

packaging accuracy khaos control packing software