Offering you key integrations

Our comprehensive payment processing integrations enable your business to take payments without having to worry about virtual terminals, PDQ machines and other workarounds.

Khaos Control Cloud has a platinum partnership with Sagepay, one of Europe’s most trusted payment companies in providing online processing solutions.

Khaos Control features payment integrations with several key providers, including Sagepay, Creditcall, PayPal and Verifone. This gives you the flexibility to select which payment provider you wish to use process your customers’ payments.

integrations with payment processing software khaos control
payment processing software tokenisation khaos control

Data security guaranteed

Ensure your customers’ sensitive data is handled securely and safely, whilst achieving and retaining PCI compliance with tokenisation. Both Khaos Control and Khaos Control Cloud feature tokenisation, Khaos Control with a built in Token Swap functionality, and Khaos Control Cloud through Sagepay’s hosted technology. Tokenisation means you never have to handle raw credit card data and you get all the benefits of taking payments over the phone or online, without the risks of handling sensitive customer data.

Payment reconciliation at your fingertips

In in instant, you’re able to quickly and efficiently reconcile your bank accounts and credit cards. Essential transaction data is recorded making reconciliations less of a chore (including PayPal and other PSPs). Give your customers the flexibility to use the payment method of their choice knowing that the system can handle them all with ease.

payment processing software reconciliation with khaos control

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