Ah, apps. From Spotify to Reddit, all your favourite sites have an app alternative, offering you instant access to your favourite content from anywhere in the world. What does this have in relation to my website and BigCommerce, you ask? Well, while it’s true that we may never see BigCommerce offering a music or photo editing app, they do offer applications that are specifically related to trading (especially online) in a simple, easy-to-access marketplace right at your fingertips.

Most apps in the marketplace are powered by Stencil, which is BigCommerce’s new theme platform that incorporates the latest best practices in technology, design standards, conversion, and SEO to allow you to build the shop of your dreams.

In this article, we will look at some of the apps that are offered by BigCommerce, so that after this article you can start seamlessly integrating your website to help with your shipping, marketing, and customer service needs.

BigCommerce App Markeplace

The above graphic is the BigCommerce marketplace. The marketplace allows you to search apps through plans and specific categories. If you were, for example, to click onto CRM and Customer Service, you would then be shown apps such as Infusionsoft Integration, RevampCRM, and Simplypost. There are almost 100 apps within the marketplace, the ability to integrate so freely is a huge bonus when it comes to BigCommerce. Most of the apps are free, however some are paid, but clearly listed as such, and you can filter through the paid and free apps depending on your preference. With a star rating system at the bottom of each app button, you can see what other users have said about the apps and how useful they are.

Familiar Faces

Google Shopping – This useful app gets your products on Google, all you do is upload your inventory onto the marketplace, write a campaign on AdWords, and ta-da! Your products are now on Google (and other sites) for consumers who are looking for exactly what you offer.

McAfee Secure – With McAfee phone showing appsSecure, you can display the McAfee logo on your site to show customers that your website has been checked by McAfee and meets a certain level of security. This will ensure your customers feel confident when accessing your site, and because McAfee is such a recognizable brand, the logo displayed on your website will instil trust and security within the heart of your consumers.

Facebook Ads – This app (via Yahoo) helps you target customers who have visited your website, and uses paid ad campaigns on Facebook to return these customers back to your site. This can be helpful if your site has a lot of abandoned baskets, as Facebook will utilise its retargeting feature to show personalized ads to customers who visited your site but did not buy anything. This app is paid, but can be a useful investment in your future business plan.


These three apps have lots of reviews and positive stars, and three that we’d recommend getting to kick start your integration!:

USmile.io – This app allows you to quickly set up and run your own loyalty program to reward your customers, this in turn increases the likelihood that customers will keep coming back to your site and making a repeat purchase. With 448 reviews and 5 stars on BigCommerce’s marketplace review pages, this app is a must!

Yotpo – Taking charge of User Generated Content, Yotpo collects photos, reviews and Q&A data left from your consumers and stores it all in one place, while also pushing it to search engines such as Google and Yahoo; so that everyone can find that 5-star review Jimmy from London left on one of your products. There is also a Yotpo dashboard that allows you to track all the UGC and look at important stats. Better yet, its free!

AfterShip – AfterShip is a free app that allows you to send tracking and delivery updates to your customers. It will keep the customer updated when for example, the item they ordered leaves the warehouse, arrives in their city or town, and is delivered to their door. AfterShip is integrated with popular couriers such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS, and comes along with rave reviews. This free to use app is one of our top recommendations to any website owners.

With a lot of different apps to choose from, integration has never been so simple. Khaos Control Cloud has its own integration with BigCommerce, which means you can benefit from everything their platform provides, combined with our awesome Cloud ERP! Book a free demo today and find out how we can help your business soar ahead of the competition.