Our inaugural Empowering Women Powering Business event on June 6th at Stubton Hall was a huge success, with a massive 87 per cent of respondents giving the event a four or five star rating out of five.

Empowering Women Powering Business had the premise of improvement; we wanted to showcase the power of technology to help delegates in their own business ventures. Coinciding with International Women’s Day, we decided the focus should be on engaging with women from a variety of sectors in discussions about tech in their own enterprises, busting myths and providing women with practical takeaways they can apply to enhance business growth. This event featured allocated networking time. We wanted attendees to forge bold new relationships, connections, and share their experiences. Therefore, end of the day networking was a must.

What happened on the day:

  • Introduction to Khaos Control Solutions Ltd. and how we help businesses of all sizes cut costs and become more effective
  • Attendees got an empowering speech from our keynote speaker, Anna Abrell, on her own experiences on developing her career
  • David O’Brien gave a practical workshop on evaluating business health
  • Jonathan Oldhams took questions from the audience about all things ecommerce related
  • Julia Clarke gave us a tax lowdown, with a practical guide to tax reclaims
  • Helen Barge provided a talk on Health & Safety
  • Jodie King led a hands-on advice packed session on effective digital marketing

Introduction to Khaos Control Solutions

Khaos Control Solutions Ltd. encompasses two products that can positively impact businesses and their processes, no matter their size.

Khaos Control Cloud – aimed at SMEs, Khaos Control Cloud is a browser-based solution optimised for streamlining all functions of a business into one. Manage your stock, accounting, CRM and order processing, from an affordable, online software. Khaos Control Cloud revolutionises the way business is run, and allow you to carry the key to your business in your pocket.

Khaos Control – designed for larger businesses experiencing rapid growth. Khaos Control is the single solution to bring together all of your current business processes. It also provides the groundwork in advanced functionality to support extensive business growth and change.

Anna Abrell from Quibit and DevelopHer

Anna Abrell delivered a brilliant presentation on her experiences as a woman in the world of business and tech, showcasing her journey from University into the world of fashion, and on to where she is now: a board member of DevelopHer and Marketing Manager of Qubit. Her biggest takeaway: “Women should not be scared of joining a board, it needs to become normal for women to actively participate in such endeavours”.

David O’Brien from Business Doctors

Next up was David O’Brien from Business Doctors. He delivered a captivating and engaging workshop on effective business health management. Giving insight into the work that Business Doctors does to help businesses evaluate their health, David gave the audience relevant questions about their business hopes and goals. Overall, his workshop was informative and entertaining, and received a standing ovation and lots of laughs from the audience.

Jonathan Oldhams from Webstraxt

Jonathan Oldhams from Webstraxt led a helpful Q&A session. He provided advice on all aspects of managing a business, with a focus on ecommerce and effective brand management. There was no shortage of questions from the audience who picked up some useful tips on scaling their business, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and the uses and limits of Magento. The key piece of advice from Jonathan was “Networking is the best form of free advertising”.

Julia Clarke from Wright Vigar

Julia Clarke from Wright Vigar delivered a practical guide to tax reclaims and GDPR laws. This was useful to the number of small and medium business owners in the room. Julia managed to do the impossible; make Tax an interesting and engaging topic. Her tailored speech demonstrated her ability as a speaker, and her dedication and professionalism to her chosen field.

Helen Barge from Risk Evolves

Helen Barge from Risk Evolves discussed Health and Safety within a business. She offered useful takeaways and experience on how best to tackle situations that arise from a lack of foresight. Everyone in the audience was thoroughly impressed by the golden nuggets of information she delivered, especially on GDPR, which is very difficult to present in a unique manner due to the large amount of noise and ‘experts’ speaking about the matter.

Jodie King from SEO Traffic Lab

Jodie King from SEO Traffic Lab led a hands-on session full of expert tips on effective digital marketing strategies. Jodie provided delegates with her thoughts on the dos and don’ts of social media, business planning and how to get the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your business. The key takeaway from Jodie was, “Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points”.

After presentations, delegates had the opportunity to speak with fellow attendees at a networking lunch. A prize draw for those who completed a feedback form resulted in one lucky delegate winning a Khaos Control Cloud branded hoodie and a bottle of wine. We are so pleased that the attendees got a chance to network and swap business cards and information – the afternoon of networking enabled everyone to really get to know each other and fostered many future business partnerships.

Resources from Empowering Women Powering Business are now available online, click here if you want to view photos from the day, and here if you’d like to see the speakers slides.

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