Black Friday, traditionally a single day of hectic shopping and exceptional discounts, has evolved into something much larger and lengthier in recent years. What was once a 24-hour shopping experience has now extended its reach to become Black Friday Week. This change can be attributed to the growing influence of e-commerce, changing consumer habits, and retailers’ desire to capture a larger share of the holiday shopping season. Black Friday Week typically starts several days before the official Black Friday date, with retailers offering pre Black Friday deals to lure in customers. 

We’ve summarised just a few of the ways you can accelerate your eCommerce business’s growth during the Black Friday period. 

Inventory Management Software

Accelerate your order processing with our inventory management software. A robust stock control system is key to ensuring records are accurate, reliable and controlled for every organisation – not only for peak sales periods such as Black Friday but throughout the entire year of trading. The features of our market leading inventory software include accurate barcode scanning, hassle-free returns management, full control of your back orders and so much more. A well run inventory means a better overall operation.

Warehouse Management System

Streamline your operations with a warehouse management system that’s flexible to your business needs. Control your pick, pack and despatch, warehouse operatives, inventory levels, returns, as well as the processes behind booking goods in – all from one central location. From efficient warehouse picking and packing software to barcode scanning and HHT functionality, Khaos Control helps to transform your entire warehouse processes with ease. Book a free demo today to see our all-in-one business solution in action!

Order Management System

Black Friday is a period where you’re likely to see an increased level of orders coming in, particularly if you run an eCommerce store. Whether it’s taking a sales order over the phone, at a show, or keying in a traditional mail-order, our order management solution allows your users to process orders quickly and efficiently. Our sales order management system can give you a competitive edge by speeding up your traditional process.

Optimise your Website 

It is crucial to make sure everything is in place for your website to handle increased levels of traffic during the busy Black Friday period. Optimise load times, test your site’s responsiveness, and make it easy for customers to navigate. Ensuring your website is mobile friendly is another key area of importance as many of your customers will be looking for quick and convenient shopping to easily secure the best Black Friday deals. 

Email Marketing 

Use email marketing to engage with your existing customer base. Send out teasers about your Black Friday deals, early access offers, and reminders as the event approaches. 

Social Media Marketing 

It is beneficial to create joined up campaigns across all over your digital marketing channels. Leverage social media platforms to create buzz around your Black Friday sales. 

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Paid Advertising 

Invest in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Target specific keywords and demographics to reach potential customers actively searching for Black Friday deals. 

Search Engine Optimisation 

Optimise your website for search engines to increase organic traffic. Create Black Friday-related content, update product descriptions, and ensure your site is well-indexed by search engines. 

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Customer Support 

Offer exceptional customer support to handle increased inquiries and issues. Ensure your customer support team is well-prepared and responsive to address concerns promptly. 

By implementing these strategies, your e-commerce business can maximise its growth potential during Black Friday and create a positive shopping experience for customers, which can lead to increased loyalty and continued success beyond this peak sales event. 

If you’re looking for new business management software that can support you through Black Friday, seasonal periods and throughout your entire year of trading – Khaos Control can help. Our all-in-one business management system offers world-class features to ensure you stay ahead of the competition and increase efficiencies across your entire business processes. From managing sales with our order management software to streamlined your inventory and warehousing with our market leading warehouse management and stock control software, we have built our solution to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.