We’ve been talking to another happy Khaos Control Cloud customer about their experience with the system. Jane Newton from Breckland Solutions has been a user of the system since early 2018, and she’s been sharing how Khaos Control Cloud has been transforming the way she runs her business.

Breckland Solutions are leading distributors of science equipment and chemicals for suppliers across the UK. The business was created from a need of quality products and prices for suppliers in the industry.

This is a business that pride themselves on their efficient customer service, delivering consistent support to their clients from start to finish. Another key aspect of what sets Breckland apart from their competitors is their unquestionable value for money, something that has really established them in a highly competitive marketplace.As with many of our customers, the system was recommended to Jane by a separate distributor who uses our larger solution, Khaos Control. For the case of Breckland, Khaos Control Cloud was the perfect fit, and offers all the services the business needs to expand. As well as accommodating the business for growth, Jane also takes advantage of our credit system, allowing her to purchase credits on the system and reduce her overall running costs of the system.

When it comes to the system itself, there really is no function that isn’t fully embraced by Jane and her team. From everything to accounts and reports, this is a business that utilises the system to its full potential. For Jane, having an overview of her sales from month to month has been a great aid for monitoring their progress at a glance.

The shining star of the system? Despatching. Powerful filters and invoice rules allow Breckland to prioritise their fulfilment, as well as being able to automate their priorities. This brings efficiency and control to their despatching process without having to worry about manual procedures.

For the future of the business, Jane hopes to continue expanding their customer base as well as reaching new heights in the marketplace. We’re incredibly happy to have received such great feedback from Breckland Solutions and we’re excited to see how our system can continue to support this fantastic business.—

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