Christmas has come early for our Khaos Control Cloud clients! We are delivering our December 2018 update as our present to you this festive period. By gifting you additional functionality, streamlining your processes and delivering further improvements to the internal workings of the system, we hope to make yours a very merry and super-efficient festive season!

Tag manager

This handy new feature allows you to create your own colour-coded tags on grids within the system, enabling you to categorise and filter items using your custom-made tags. There are plenty of exciting opportunities to use this option, but here’s some examples to give you a flavour of what this powerful new feature could be used for:

  • Tagging customers as Gold, Silver and Bronze depending on their lifetime spend
  • Adding unique identifiers for stock which might fall outside your Stock Level Types, such as tagging promotional Christmas packs
  • If you offer any customisation on products, you can tag these orders in the Sales Invoice Manager to highlight the need for additional attention or customisation
  • You could use tagging on the CRM Comm Log to tag debt chasing or customer return communication entries

System health checks

Following on from the introduction of System Health Checks in our October update, the development team have been working to further improve this feature to help keep your account and processes running as smoothly as possible. They have introduced some additional health rating statuses to give you more defined information on the overall system health, in addition to a new check to flag if there are any purchase invoices which have remained un-posted for over 6 weeks.

Other usability improvements

Along with the visible user functionality, our development team have been working hard under the hood of the Khaos Control Cloud system itself, including making it more efficient in dealing with large quantities of data returned in the grids. That’s all folks. These are the key features in our latest update. You can check the ‘What’s New’ section in your Khaos Control Cloud application to see a detailed breakdown of all the changes that were made during this update.

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