In spring, everything around us changes – and mostly improves. The landscapes are getting greener, the sun is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. And, as with the world around us, we at Khaos Control don’t stand still and constantly strive to change and improve. As a result we don’t only ensure that we remain the best ERP solution in the UK – but that we will continue to be that in the future.

This blog post is the first of a series to introduce you to what’s new in Khaos Control version 8.119 and the series starts off with some general improvements:

Step 1 of the Rebranding Process

As a Khaos Control user, you are probably familiar with the fact that we recently changed our company name from Keystone Software Development to Khaos Control Solutions. This change is now slowly starting to feed through to the look and feel of our software. As the first step to a continuous rebranding process, the splash screen has been redesigned to represent our new branding. The same is true for the default background image.

Furthermore, the Keystone Software user name has been modified to fit with the Khaos Control branding and its functionality has been improved. Finally, the internal messages have been updated to reflect the new company name and branding. You will benefit from these changes by a more consistent and intuitive User Interface (UI). And this is only the starting point for more improvements to come. However, don’t worry about getting overwhelmed with the new UI. The changes will be rolled out step by step, starting from version 8.119.

Khaos Control Cloud Development

Included in version 8.119.0 onwards are several general behind the scenes improvements.

  • The Sales Order List tab has been improved and the Channel filter has been added to be able to filter Sales Order based on their respective Channel.
  • The team have also carried out more work on the new forthcoming Opening Balance interface, which will be released in a future version.
  • Improvements have also been made to the Harmonisation Code support for Couriers, as well as Customer Credit Limit warnings for Sales Orders.
  • Regarding Customer Returns, the Direct Exchange action now works based on a Selection.

All the above changes add up to an even more user friendly system, as well as making the functionality of Khaos Control even more advanced and flexible.

User Interface Development

To further support the previously mentioned rebranding process and the forthcoming dynamic look and feel of the software, v. 8.119 also includes architectural changes to the core application. Those changes lay the foundations for improved User Permission and Opening Balance dialogs that will be released in future versions.

In version 8.118, another fundamental UI change has been conducted, with the returns screen being the latest function to benefit from the new ‘Auto UI’ functionality in the background.  This means that the Returns screen, and the rest of the system, can be re-skinned at will going forward

Other Bits and Pieces

There have also been a number of other general changes made, including:

Green Selection

Starting in v. 8.118 and continuing in v. 8.119, we have altered the way green selection is handled on grids in the system. No observable difference will be visible to users, but the fundamental changes have improved speed and efficiency of green selection behind the scenes.

Importing ICN Codes

A new import routine has been developed to import data into the [System Data | Intrastat ICN] screen, which allows more detailed imports for these tables.  Keeping on top of ICN Codes for retailers that export to the EU can be a chore and this function makes life that much easier when setting up new product ranges and / or amending your Intrastat configuration. All of the above changes are aimed at improving Khaos Control for our users, both with regards to look and feel, but also with regards to fundamental working of the system.  Many of them are part of our long-term strategy to ensure that Khaos Control continues to be the tool that powers our customers’ businesses going forward, so stay tuned for more news.

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