As announced in our latest blog post, a lot has changed with the latest updates to Khaos Control. In this post, we will bring you up-to-speed with the Integration Enhancements that have been rolled out in v 8.119.

Amazon FBA

Support has been added for bulk part-shipments to our Amazon FBA integration. When receiving shipment data from Amazon for the same order reference, the shipping reference will now also be used when creating the unique Associated Reference in Khaos Control. This allows for bulk part-shipments handled by Amazon in separate files to be processed into Khaos Control. Previously only the first shipment would have been imported due to the data supplied by Amazon for affected orders. This new functionality makes bulk processing of Amazon FBA shipments easier for you and ultimately will save companies that use Amazon’s FBA service to fulfil bulk orders a lot of time.


From version 8.117 onwards, the check status and sync import processes for eBay have been amended. They now include even more important information, like EAN codes. This makes it even easier to drive and maintain your eBay stores directly from Khaos Control.

John Lewis

Being able to exchange data quickly and easily with department stores and major high-street retailers is vital for many members of the Khaos Family. One of the retailers that our customers work with in this regard is John Lewis. From v 8.117 of Khaos Control onwards, Order Imports and Returns Adjustments are now enhanced to ensure that you can work as effectively as possible with the retailer when exchanging data with them.

Courier Integration

In terms of courier integrations, several changes have been made:

  • Firstly, the FedEx Web Services integration has been expanded. It now provides a Delete Shipment option for Green Selected Invoices, which have not yet been issued. This allows for the cancellation and reprocessing of such Invoices, where changes are necessary, and takes the hassle out of such changes. This functionality, is available from v. 8.119 onwards.
  • Our DPD and DHL courier integrations now make use of Address roll-over fields. When activated, the new functionality enables these integrations to interrogate both the Invoice and Delivery Address Organisation fields. Where they are populated, it then substitutes the Company Name for Organisation in communications with the courier. This enables you to handle deliveries to addresses against a customer that have a different Company Name to that which you have stored in Khaos Control. As a result, more goods are delivered to the right place first time and invoice queries are kept to a bare minimum.

Our NetDespatch integration – which powers customers’ integrations with Royal Mail, Yodel and a number of other couriers –  has been amended such that the Company Name can be communicated through to the service, where previously this was not provided. Again, this ensures even greater accuracy and even fewer failed deliveries.

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