Khaos Control Hybrid, the next big step forward in Business management software technology is now available. Hybrid allows your Khaos Control database to synchronise with multiple channels and platforms,  all your data is coalesced in one central location, in this case Khaos Control. No longer will you have to manually import and export data from your selling platforms to your stock control database. Gone are the days where your EPOS solution doesn’t automatically update your associated stock levels, or listings not updating across your selling platforms. Welcome to the days of Hybrid.

But what does Hybrid actually include? 

Hybrid has five constituent parts, they are: Warehouse Management Software, Khaos Control Cloud, Khaos Control, Khaos Control Web and Khaos Control Channels.

Khaos Control WMS (Warehouse Management Software)

Our WMS is designed to help control and manage the day to day operations within your warehouse, whether that be pick, pack and despatch or receiving and storing inventory. Standalone WMS can significantly increase the efficiency of your warehouse processes, but when combined alongside an ERP system it can dramatically affect every aspect of your business. As the bonds between departments and processes become more interdependent, the speed at which your company functions will naturally increase, you gain business wide traceability and employee accountability.

The ability to receive data in real-time is also a massive step forward, immediately notify customers when new orders have been delivered, update your stock automatically and if you receive less or more stock than intended you can rectify the mistake instantly by updating the associated fields within Khaos Control.

Our WMS is simplified so anyone can understand it, from seasonal part time workers who have no experience using the software, to seasoned professionals who have been picking for years. 

Khaos Control Cloud 

Khaos Control’s little brother, Khaos Control Cloud functioning within our Hybrid environment allows you to break out of the constraints of VPNs, Remote Connection errors and security concerns. Access all your key business data from any device, any time, anywhere. Perfect for remote sales teams, providing real-time CRM, Quotation, Sales Order, Product and Pricing data.

Out of Hours cover required?  You can provide colleagues and/or third parties with access to the data they need in order to provide a consistently excellent level of service to your customers. 

Khaos Control 

The powerhouse behind Hybrid, Khaos Control is the key factor that collates data from every other aspect within your business, whether that be Marketplaces, EPOS, 3rd party services, telesales, ecommerce, mail order or couriers. A powerful back office management solution designed for multi-channel retailers and wholesale businesses, offering greater control, efficiency and accuracy of core business processes – such as inventory management and order processing. Easy to use and simple to perfect, Khaos Control is the perfect ERP system for anyone looking to streamline their processes. 

Khaos Control Web

The best way to integrate Khaos Control and your personalised ecommerce store. Khaos Control Web features unrivalled functionality. As the data is provided in
real-time directly from Khaos Control, data across your other sales channels are accurate automatically. Updates are instant, allowing your customers full access to the latest products, prices and promotions. Retain complete control of the design of pages, banners, themes, content and data from a single, easy to use platform, without the complication of 3rd party development companies. As well as the ability to have complete control of stock levels and have them update automatically, and utilise the many customisation options of the WordPress platform. 

Perfect for those that already have an established ecommerce store but want to take their stock management system to the next level. If you don’t already have an online store front then why not build one around the functionality in Khaos Control Hybrid, perfectly matching the requirements of your store fronts and the capabilities of the system. 

Khaos Control Channels 

The combination of your traditional sales channels with ecommerce platforms, Amazon, eBay and Shopify merchant feeds quickly becomes overwhelming. Hybrid brings your many marketplaces into one central system, so that you can easily monitor those top level figures as well as drill down into the performance of each channel separately

Sell your product in a number of ways including: Telesales, EPOS, Marketplaces, ecommerce or Mail Order. With all the additional functionality that Hybrid provides, you can easily integrate any data collected from these platforms and update your database in real time. Listings are updated immediately, additional profits calculated, stock levels adjusted and reorders calculated if they fall below a certain level.

The automation involved within Hybrid will save tens of thousands of man hours which otherwise would be dedicated to manual tasks.  As you can see Khaos Control Hybrid is the way forward in Enterprise Resource Planning. The best feature undoubtedly being real- time data updates. For reference here are a few of the changes that can take place in single minute:

  • 11,319 packages will be delivered by UPS
  • 4,310 people visit Amazon
  • 1.8 Million ‘Likes’ Are Made On Facebook
  • Nike will make $36,000
  • The US national debt will increase by over $3 million
  • 4,500 McDonalds burgers will be eaten
  • 190,000 google searches will be completed 
  • $751,000 will be spent online
  • 50 voice first devices will be shipped (Alexa, Amazon echo etc.)

Having the ability to see update in real time will allow you to adapt to any changing developments or conditions, leaving you in the best position to accurately direct your business towards success. Interested in Khaos Control Hybrid? Want to find out more about our newest piece of software? Come have a look!