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Why Integrate Payments with Khaos Control?

Integrating your payments allows you to provide your customers and users with a seamless experience from start to finish. There’s no need to switch to alternate applications or log into your PSP’s Payment Portal when taking a payment. Instead you can streamline your processes without compromising the security of your customers’ card data.

Khaos Control’s Token Swap functionality allows your company to benefit from integrated payments and the many benefits they bring throughout your customers’ lifetime with you. Our Token Swap technology also ensures that your customers’ sensitive card data is handled securely and that your company is able to achieve and retain PCI Compliance, without having to make your customers’ payment experience long-winded and negative.

Here are some of the ways in which Khaos Control’s tokenised payment processing will help your business:

Payment on DespatchPayment on Despatch

Thanks to Amazon, and other leading retailers, customers expect to be charged at the point their goods are despatched, not a moment sooner. Khaos Control’s pre-authorisation functionality allows you to capture and tokenise the customer’s card data when they order (through any channel), and performs a pre-authorisation on their card at the same time.

Knowing that the customer can pay allows your fulfilment team to pick, pack and despatch orders with confidence. Khaos Control can then use the pre-authorised token to take payment. This provides your customer with the ‘Amazon-like’ level of service that they expect and ensures that your cash-flow is not impacted.

Show Me The MoneyShow Me The Money

If you want to take payments up front, via your website, over the phone or in person, then Khaos Control will allow you to do that quickly and securely.

Fraud ProtectionFraud Protection

Protecting yourself and your business is vital and our integrations with Sage Pay and Realex, allow you to take advantage of their fraud protection services. These include:

  • Sage Pay’s ‘3rd Man Reporting’ Tool
  • Realex’s ‘Realscore’ Tool

Repeat PaymentsRepeat Payments

Khaos Control’s scheduled shipment functionality integrates fully with our tokenised payment solution. This allows you to take repeat payments automatically without the pain of contacting your customers every month for their card details or the hassle of getting Direct Debits set up.

Seamless RefundsSeamless Refunds

Khaos Control’s tokenised payment processing allows you to directly refund an issued order back to the card that made the original payment without having to ask for, or re-enter, the customer’s card details. Just one of the many reasons why ‘Returns Rock in Khaos‘!

Point Of SalePoint Of Sale

As an accredited Verifone partner, we are able to offer direct Chip & Pin integration between Verifone’s vx820 devices and our EPoS module. Re-keying payment amounts and the ‘Chip & Pin dance’ between customer and shop assistant are still common issues at the checkout. Khaos Control’s integration with Verifone removes all of those hassles and also allows you and your customers to benefit from contactless technology.

PCI CompliancePCI Compliance

Integrating payments into your ERP system means that you will need to step through this process. We have designed and implemented our tokenised payment solution such that this process is as hassle-free as it can be, with the database only ever capturing tokenised data at the end of the pre-authorisation (or authorisation) process. See more on our technical delivery below…

Swift & Efficient ReconciliationSwift & Efficient Reconciliation

Efficiency and control are at the heart of Khaos Control and our tokenised payment integration allows you to reconcile card payments quickly and efficiently. All of the key data that your Accounts Team need, with regards to Authorisation Codes, Payment Dates, Amounts, References etc. is already available. In addition, integrating payments into your Order Entry and / or Point of Sale processes removes the pain of re-keyed payment amounts failing to reconcile with order totals. Think of the time and energy saved!

Under The Hood

Data Security

Data Security

Data security and PCI Compliance are vital elements to running any successful retail business and our tokenised payment solutions go above and beyond to ensure that your customers’ data, and your business, are secure.

Card Data Tokenisation

Card Data Tokenisation and Token Swapping

Khaos’ Token Swapping solution ensures that sensitive data, such as the PAN (Primary Account Number) is never stored in your database. We communicate with the PSP (Payment Service Provider) via a secure internet connection when you’re taking the card details and exchange the customer’s sensitive card data for a reusable token. Only the token is stored in your database.

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Card Data Encryption

Card Data Encryption

Khaos’ asymmetric card data encryption allows for the additional protection of sensitive card data (i.e. the PAN and CV2) by ensuring that only specially authorised users are physically able to decrypt such data, even in the highly unlikely event that the standard system permissions are circumvented or subverted. This additional security is achieved through the use of industry standard 2048-bit RSA encryption, which allows authorised users and external systems such as the web service to encrypt sensitive cardholder data via a public key, but only specifically authorised and provisioned users to decrypt the data using a public key, which is itself encrypted with the user’s login credentials. In short, any intruder or malicious user must have knowledge of an authorised user’s access credentials to stand any chance of decrypting any tokenised card data held within Khaos Control.

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