Product Variants

Take the hassle out of creating of Size, Colour, Style variations. Creating product variations in our solutions is simple to set up and manage. This means you can quickly and consistently create multiple SKUs with descriptions and other attributes, saving time. With the option of setting up pre-set values, you can ensure that the SKUs and descriptions of your product variants are clear and consistent.

product variations with ease khaos control
functionality for more than just clothes khaos control

It’s not just for clothes

SCS is useful for a variety of businesses, not only clothes, but shoes, paint, pet products and even car parts! Our functionality gives power to business owners everywhere, to create and list their products in as many variations as they can think of! SCS profiles can easily be copied from one product to another, making the creation and maintenance of your inventory even easier.

Flexible for any scenario

Whether you’re selling variants in a specific range, selling the same variants in a different format on different channels, or wanting to provide different detailed content for different variations of the same product, our solutions are designed to be flexible for your needs. Listing SCS products on different channels is made easy and gives your customers and sales team a clear idea of the different product options available.

Product variations can be easily updated and new variants added, instantly updating your SCS products.

flexible for any scenario khaos control

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