Effective promotional campaigns

Keycodes, also known as Campaign Codes, allow you to track all this and more, within our reporting functionality, providing you and your marketing team with the information you need in order to measure your success.

You are also able to build in functionality to your promotional campaigns, including providing discounts, discounted delivery and even specific item-level pricing. Providing this level of functionality helps the customer get offers they were attracted by, your business controls how that offer’s applied without having to manually amend and check every sales order, and you get to understand how effective the offer was. No spreadsheets. No fuss.

promotion management software khaos control
price lists promotion management software khaos control cloud

Price lists

Customers like clean and simple pricing. We provide you with the power and flexibility to offer a clean and consistent experience for your customers and your users, whilst being able to support a variety of different pricing methodologies, including:

  • Quantity breaks
  • Discounts
  • Mark-ups
  • Item Specific Pricing

Managing multiple price lists is simple in our software, with the ability to assign prices to individual customers, groups of customers and globally.

Buy one get one free

A simple but effective promotion that we see used time and time again within the system, is creating buy one get one free style offers.

Khaos Control allows you to create B.O.G.O.F. offers by specifying a ‘trigger’ item and defining free or reduced price items that the customer can add to their order encouraging them to buy more.

by one get one free promotion management software khaos control
special offers promotion management software khaos control cloud

Special discounts and offers

Special offers allow you to create and maintain one-off promotions for specific items. Providing you with flexibility and control, special offers allow you to qualify customers by:

  • Spend
  • Brand
  • Company Class
  • Sales Channel

Special Offers can also be date-limited and can be automatically added to new orders – useful where you wish to include a free gift or similar promotion for customers.

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