Getting your procurement under control

By setting the stock levels you want to maintain for your core products, our reordering software applications will let you know when and how many you need to reorder – it will even take into account your back order requirements. Let the system update your ordering levels based on your sales history. Although the system will advise you of the quantities to reorder – you’re in control and can still make the final decision about what to order and when. Keep your cash flow healthy by not needlessly ordering stock you don’t need!

procurement khaos control cloud reordering software
more advanced options khaos control reordering software

Need more advanced options?

If your business is seasonal, or you have complex supply chains, our Advanced Reordering Module will ensure that you always have the right stock in place in the right quantities to cope with any rise and fall in demand. The system will take into account lead times from your suppliers, back orders and any buffer levels to forecast exactly when to place your order and how many items you need to purchase. Let our system take care of the complicated calculations, whilst leaving you with the ultimate buying decisions.