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Why does it matter to you?

In this day and age, it isn’t enough to have a physical store, customers want an omni-channel experience. They want access online, from multiple channels, at any time. But with all these separate platforms, how will you keep track? That’s where we come in. Merge your brick and mortar with your online store today, allowing you to gain a real-time view of stock from across all channels, single view of customer data and accurate reporting. From back office to till point, Khaos Control takes care of it all with our comprehensive functionality – here’s what we have to offer.

What Are the Key Benefits to Your Business?


Our EPoS (electronic point of sale) is automatically integrated, so no need to pay extra! But what does it do? Well, remember that omni-channel experience we were talking about? This underpins it. As well as providing a process for selling goods, it tracks all transactions made by the customer, no matter whether they’re visiting your store or making an online purchase. It oversees and evaluates various areas of the business, from the front end to the stock control that takes place behind the scenes, updating stock levels as it goes. What’s the benefit of this? It makes the process more efficient, more accurate and allows for better decision making.

Retail Sales Management Software

Channel Integration

Our Retail Management Software integrates with selling channels such as Amazon and eBay, ring fencing your stock and adjusting as appropriate, providing a seamless service. Not only that, it’ll integrate with your Magento website, updating your inventory, order management and customer data. It also has the power to allow your web developer to integrate with the back office, which means customers can expect consistent pricing and offers no matter how they shop. Give your customers what they want, without having to juggle the channels – win, win!

Retail Sales Management Software

Financial Control

Take back financial control from within our software, with our fully integrated accounting functionality. What’s the benefit? Well, you can have the pleasure of up to the minute reporting, allowing you to keep tabs on your expenses! We don’t just offer standard financial reporting. The value of your inventory is tracked from the moment you book an item in. As Cost of Sale are automatically calculated and posted at the point of issuing an order, your margins and profitability are instantly available. No need to limit yourself to the UK, selling throughout Europe is easy with our multi-currency and multi-country support.

Retail Sales Management Software

Managing Payments

Streamline your payment process with our ERP. It allows you to integrate with a range of payment service providers, making your life much easier. You can take payment on despatch or upfront, sail through the refund process, experience the highest security and take repeat payments automatically – and that’s just a slice of it!

Retail Sales Management Software

Product Management

One of the most appealing features of Khaos Control for a retail business is the size, colour and style function. It allows for you to manage multiple variants of the same product, associating items instead of generating multiple stock lines. You can do this with up to four different variation elements, which can automatically generate all products, ensuring that all your data is consistent.

Retail Sales Management Software

Promotion Management

As a retail business, you need to be able to run promotions – it’s what your customers want. So, we’ve made functionality that can support this, and more. Our Promotion Management Software enables you to set out special offers that allow you to maintain one off promotions for items, which can be date limited. It also allows you to simply produce price lists that can be tailored to individuals or groups, giving customers a smooth experience. All this, along with the functionality of keycodes, is your holy grail to understanding customers: the ability to track individual elements, along with providing exciting offers.

Retail Sales Management Software

Bringing it all together

Get more from your business with Retail Management Software from Khaos Control!

Retail Sales Management Software


Consistent data regardless how customers shop.

Retail Sales Management Software


Easily monitor all channels from within one place, take payments, and make returns with ease.

Retail Sales Management Software


Keep up to date with real time reports.

Retail Sales Management Software

Customer Service

Provide exciting offers while being able to track data.

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