How can accounting software help your business?

Real-time data
Worldwide expansion
Powerful reports
Financial deep dive

Access real time-financial data driven by the sales and purchase transactions running through your accounts. In an instant, you can see your profits, your losses, and how your business is performing as a whole. With your accounts being updated after every transaction, your P&L and Balance Sheet start to become dynamic tools to help manage your business on a daily basis.


Don’t limit yourself to the UK. Khaos Control can handle currency rates, country-specific VAT, EC Sales reporting, Intrastat and freight/duty amortarising. This gives you the freedom to expand worldwide, with the confidence that your accounting software is right behind you.


Our advanced reporting tools give you the power to fully understand how your products, channels and customers are performing. Create valuable reports on the things that matter most in your business, like the number of items sold per month, or overall profitability over a certain period.


Within Khaos Control, your financial data is easily exported in a range of formats, including CSV. This allows you or your accountant to take a deeper dive into your raw data, exporting and analysing it with ease.

Take charge of your nominal accounting

With comprehensive control of your trial balance. and the ability to create journals at the touch of a button, keeping track of every penny entering and leaving your business is simple and pain free.

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Bank reconciliation simplified

Reconciling is more straightforward than ever with our solutions. Compare previous reconciliations with flexible filters, and add data and other files straight into the system and reconcile them instantly.

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Stay compliant with your VAT and tax returns

Our solutions track all of your sales and purchase transactions, calculate their appropriate tax amounts and whether you are due to pay or reclaim tax overall, making it effortless and stress-free to report on your VAT.

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“Khaos Control has transformed our business! We moved from a well-known accountancy software, that was unable to meet our demands as a growing business, to Khaos Control. It’s helped us have a lot more visibility over our stock holding and our sales operations. Even six years later, we are still finding ways that we can work with the software to help streamline our business.”

Keeley Walters at Sophie Allport

Analyse your finances with reports

Extract key data from your business and create comprehensive reports to help shape your future success. Identify important trends over time and gain a “big picture” of your sales.

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Best of both worlds with our Xero integration

If you’re already using Xero for your accounting, you can utilise our robust integration to take control of your whole business, alongside your accounts.

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Keep track of your purchases with the SP ledger

The sales purchase (SP) ledger provides an easy-to-use interface to keep track of your expenses and overheads, enabling you to report more accurately on the funds coming in and out of your business.

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Secure software that you can trust

We know how important security is when you’re using a software solution. You’re putting all of your business data, including details of your customers like names and addresses, into a system, and relying on it to keep the data protected and secure. That’s why we’ve made sure our accounting software is one you can put your faith in. We use state of the art technology to protect the data we hold, like encrypting customer bank details, and as a result have very high success rates in preventing data breaches and corruptions.

“The main thing I love about Khaos Control is that I can trust it. We’ve been using it for nearly 6 years now, and in those 6 years we haven’t had a single data corruption. Prior to implementing Khaos Control, we were having data corruptions once every month, which was really devastating for a business to run like that.”

Jem Allport at Sophie Allport

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest bookkeeping software to use?

As well as being easy to set up, Khaos Control offers a clean and simple interface when it comes to your accounts. We offer a range of help guides, as well as access to a dedicated support team, to get you started with our solution as quickly and easily as possible. We also offer additional services like data imports, so you can get straight to using the system, instead of spending time on setting up.

How does accounting software work?

Accounting software stores and processes your accounting transactions. From within an accounting solution, you can create journals, process your VAT returns, track your nominal accounts, analyse your cost centres, keep track of stock valuations, track stock and non-stock purchases, and much more.

If I’m already using Xero, how can I benefit from your solution?

If you’re already using Xero to manage your accounts, you can utilise the other back office functionality that our solution offers. You can manage important business processes, like updating and managing stock levels, keeping track of your couriers and suppliers, and managing relationships with your customers. You can store and process these aspects, as well as much more, within our solutions, and import and export the relevant data from and to Xero, when needed.

Can accounting software help reduce costs?

A software solution can help reduce costs due to the automations that are present. When you introduce automation into your operation, processes that usually have to be completed manually can now be done automatically. This frees up time for other tasks and eliminates the chance of human error causing problems further down the line.

Software vs spreadsheets - which is better?

If you start off using spreadsheets, you will soon find they run away from you. As you start to grow, you will be processing a larger number of transactions, involving more sheets on numerous spreadsheets, and a lot of manual time updating and checking them. Accounting software is the most suitable (and best) option, no matter the size of the business, or how long they’ve been relying on spreadsheets.