Responsive website design

Modern websites must be fully responsive, ensuring that your site retains its design identity and usability whether your customer is interacting with you via a phone, tablet or computer. The vast majority of searches are now done on mobile devices rather than the traditional desktop, so it’s essential your ecommerce website is mobile friendly. Our solution is conscious of an audience that is multiple device proficient and search-centric. The speed, look and feel, and ease of navigation of any ecommerce solution we design is one of main priorities.

responsive design khaos control web ecommerce management system
khaos control web responsive design ecommerce management system

Ecommerce the way you want it

All our ecommerce websites benefit from the same powerful engine at their core, however, each solution we deliver is tailored to the customer’s individual needs. This means that you get an adaptable website, built specifically to your requirements. We build and manage the whole ecommerce package, and you’ll come away with a bespoke website from an experienced team with a background in enterprise retail solutions.

CMS that’s different

While it’s true that we use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to manage certain ecommerce setting, what makes Khaos Control Web different, in respect to content management, is that Khaos Control itself is your main CMS! Customers often ask how they set-up promotions or delivery rules on their web site, as they are unable see the setting in WordPress. The reason they can’t see it, of course, is because it’s all done from Khaos Control directly. The two solutions are so tightly integrated that data is instantly available to each. Customer services could even edit a web basket directly from their Khaos Control login if they wanted.

khaos control web ecommerce management system

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