During the 10 months since Khaos Control Cloud launched we’ve had fantastic feedback on our Cloud ERP. Our customers tell us that we have a depth and breadth of functionality that our peers cannot rival. Integrating with online marketplaces and channels is the next step on the journey for our ERP on the Go. But Shopify, eBay and Amazon are just the beginning. The team are already hard at work on our integrations with Xero, WooCommerce and Magento and there’s plenty more to follow where those came from.

Bringing Automation and Power to the Cloud

We’ve focused on building Marketplace and Channel integrations that bring the power of automation to your Cloud ERP. Once you’ve created and configured your channels and set them live, we’ll handle all of the communication with your Channels. Our automatons behind the scenes ensure that data flows seamlessly, leaving more time for you and your team to spend on the Good Stuff!

Marketplace & Channel Integration that’s Highly Configurable

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we’ve made our integrations as configurable as possible. From matching products on import, to providing you with the ability to define different default rules and behaviours depending on the services and promises you’re making on your channels and marketplaces. We’ve focused on removing the need for you to spend time manually amending and reviewing your transactions. Once you’re happy with your configuration you’re away.

All this, at no extra cost!

Our philosophy since we started programming back in 2000 is to provide retailers with complete support and no nasty surprises. We don’t charge per number of transactions. We don’t charge per channel or marketplace. Our Cloud ERP lives this philosophy to the full. We charge you per user, per month, in arrears. It doesn’t matter how many channels you create or orders you process. Simply pay for the users who’ve used our ERP on the Go during the last month. End of.

Making it as easy as possible to Implement Your Channels and Marketplaces

In order to make it as simple as possible to integrate your channels and marketplaces with our Cloud ERP we’ve created a raft of explainer videos to walk you through the process, from initial product setup through to despatching your first batch of imported orders out to your customers. Check out the playlist on our YouTube channel.

In addition to that, we’ve also created a handy guides that steps you through creating and managing your channels.

And that’s not all we’ve been up to

Whilst our team and our Beta Testers (thank you to all of you that took part) have put in a tonne of effort over the last few months in order to deliver our Amazon, eBay and Shopify integrations, that’s not all we’ve been up to. The latest version of Khaos Control Cloud also includes:

Customer-Facing Documents

New report templates have been added in this version of our ERP on the Go. We’ve focused on delivering a cleaner design that’s as easy as possible for you to customise. This has been rolled out to the following Customer-Facing Documents:

  • Sales Order Acknowledgement
  • Sales Invoice
  • Delivery Note
  • Customer Statement

Mobile Interface

ERP on the Go is all about being able to run your business from ANY device, including your mobile phone. Our Cloud ERP has delivered this from Day One, but we’re keen to retain our advantage over the competition so we’re continuing to invest time and effort in making the mobile interface for Khaos Control Cloud as intuitive and delightful as possible.