This blog post represents the last in our series on functionality changes in the latest version of our ERP application and will provide you with all the latest news on improvements to our stock control functionality.


Returning goods to your supplier(s) from multiple sites? Then we’ve got good news!  Reports for supplier returns have been changed such that they can display site specific Purchase Order Delivery Address data. When defined, this will take precedence over the default Address information associated with a site when printing Supplier Return Reports. The way in which data is fed through to the report has also been improved, such that only data directly associated with the site is displayed rather than a combination of data from the site and system default information. This development is only applicable if using the “Delivery to Site” feature of the purchasing system.

Purchase Orders

A range of improvements have been made regarding Purchase Orders:

Warehouse Control Put Away
The “Put Away Stock by Sales Order location” facility, which is used by some Warehouse Control* customers, has been modified such that it is now possible to remove the link between the Sales Order and the Warehouse Control temporary location with a new right-click option in the grid. This releases the location so that it is available to be used by other orders, making your warehouse management in such situations, even more efficient.

Override Reorder Minimum and Reorder Multiple Quantities
Finding a balance between control and flexibility in your Purchasing Process can be challenging. With Reorder Minimums, Multiples and many other granular settings, we make it possible for Purchasing Managers and administrators to control how goods are ordered. That control comes at a price though, so it is now possible to configure the system such that the Minimum Reorder and Reorder Multiple quantities can be overridden when a new Purchase Order is saved.  If the minimum and / or multiple quantities have not been met, then we will still display a warning, however, it will be possible for these to be ignored.

Stock Transfers

Whilst our existing stock transfer functionality is more than enough for most companies, where a company has a range of sites / stores / concessions between which they are transferring stock, more detailed functionality is required.  As a result, we have developed a new feature which is not enabled by default* that allows you to raise internal Sales Orders with a type of ‘Transfer’ to handle the movement of stock from one site to another.  Dropping site transfers into the pick / pack / despatch process may not work for everyone, but where relevant this can help you manage transfers and your stock on a range of sites in Khaos Control more efficiently.

It is now possible to more easily manage the transfer of stock from one site to another within the system. This includes, for example, a new Sales Order type of ‘Transfer’ to specify the information for the transfer and the appropriate handling of stock assignments and movements.  It can help you manage transfers and your stock on different sites more efficiently.

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* Warehouse Control and Stock Transfers are not enabled by default. If you would like to explore using this functionality in your instance of the system, please contact our Development Team.