What is responsive design?

Your Khaos Control e-commerce solution will use the latest technology and techniques in order that your website(s) remains flexible, up-to-date and modern. One of those techniques is ‘Responsive Design’. This is the way in which a website ‘responds’ to the device it is being viewed upon, so that when your visitors are browsing via a mobile device or tablet, the website automatically identifies this and responds accordingly, resizing and re-positioning elements on the page so that the customer doesn’t have to worry about zooming in on tiny text and buttons and then scrolling left, right and centre in order to navigate your website.

Let’s look at an example of this in action, with three screenshots of a website running the Khaos Control e-commerce solution. This will enable us to see how the website changes based on the device’s viewing area.


You can see that the Complete Commerce engine’s responsive technology enables your customer to focus on the elements that matter most, based on the device that they’re currently using to access your website, whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel. ‘Buttonizing’ elements, such as the menu, and prioritising the display of key product categories allows customers on Tablets or Phones to easily navigate the site, regardless of the device they’re on.

How can your e-commerce solution benefit from responsive design?

In this omnichannel world you need to ensure that you are delivering your content and products to people on all devices because, at this point, more people use their tablets and phones when browsing your website than traditional desktops. Originally you might have thought about writing a native application for each device but this can quickly become cost-prohibitive and means that you are then tied into supporting multiple platforms, whose operating systems all develop rapidly and, often, in completely different directions. Responsive design changes this. By allowing your website to “react”, based on the size of screen it’s being viewed on, you are providing the best possible experience to all of your customers whether they are on their desktop, tablet or phone which in turn leads to more sales, greater profit and increased growth for your business through more satisfied customers!