What is stock control software?

Stock control software is an application used by businesses of all sizes to manage their stock. Within a solution, you can view stock levels, items in, and despatched orders in one central system. A good stock management software will enable you to integrate stock control with other aspects of your business, like sales, purchasing and finances. This allows you to connect your staff, suppliers and customers for a fully integrated omni-channel experience.

Stock control in use

Key features

Stock warehouse image

Back-order management

Our solution makes light work of assigning stock to backorders, helping you to become more efficient with purchasing and stock allocation.

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Stock synchronisation

No matter what channel you’re selling on, our stock level sync will help you maintain accurate stocks levels on all platforms.

Pricelists and promotions

Do you offer price structures or special promotions? We have multiple options to help you categorize and control offers.

purchasing stock graphics

Purchasing stock

How do you know what to buy, when, and how much? We give you the requirements, so you just make the purchase.

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The importance of stock management software

Managing your stock within a solution is vital in keeping track of how much inventory you have, and how much you will need to order in the future to fulfil orders. A solution prevents having too much stock, which is costly to store, and product shortages, which leads to disappointing customers and losing sales.

With stock management you can:

  • Forecast the future sales of your business, and plan product numbers accordingly.
  • Consolidate the management of your supply chain into a single solution for more advanced control of your business.
Stock control system overview

Work from anywhere with a cloud-based stock control system

Stock management comes in both server-based, and cloud-based, forms. Managing your inventory from a cloud-based solution provides the same benefits as a server, but with the added bonus of browser-based access.

  • View of your stock levels, goods in, and despatched orders in real time on the move.
  • Work from anywhere in the world, any time that suits your business.
  • More affordable than some server-based software, so better suited for SMEs with less start-up capital.
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