why does it matter to you?

As a business owner, you’ll almost always have stock. Having a plan in place, or foundation in which to control your stock, means smarter preparation for the future as well as something to grow on. Without software, future growth can be stunted because your stock, alongside your business, can quickly run away from you as you expand. It’s vital for businesses to have a stock control software in place from the beginning, because it allows for complete control and clarity of business workings.

What are the key benefits to your business?

Installing Khaos Control into a business carries a lot of benefits. Some of the positives we see most frequently are:

  • Stock synchronisation – no matter what channel you sell products on, our stock level sync will help you maintain an accurate stock level on all your selling platforms.
  • Back order management – Our solution makes light work of assigning stock to backorders, helping you to become more efficient with purchasing and stock allocation.
  • Returns management – Manage returns within our stock control software and ensure you can quickly and easily process both customer and supplier returns.
  • Purchasing stock control – How do you know what to buy, how much and when to press the purchase button? Our software means gives you the power to always be on top of your requirements for purchasing.
  • Pricelists and Promotions – Do you offer different price structures or special promotions? We have a host of options available to help you categorize and control your offers.

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What about cloud-based stock control software?

Alongside server-based stock control software, there is also options to have your stock control hosted within the cloud. This means all of the above benefits, with on-the-go, browser-based access.

Some of the benefits of cloud-based stock control software are:

  • View of your stock levels, goods in, and dispatched orders in real time on the move.
  • Easy access to your whole business, all with a simple browser login.
  • More affordable than some server-based software, so better suited for SMEs with less start-up capital.

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The results

Clearer overall picture of your business.

Improved profit due to more accurate figures (thanks to the lack of human error involved with software).

Goals become more achievable.