Why does it matter to you?

As well as being good practice, having a piece of software in place means smarter preparation for the future. Without adequate stock control, processes can become careless and chaotic. Stock control not only allows for full control, but also the ability to identify patterns and progression in the business.

why does it matter

What are the key benefits to your business?

Installing Khaos Control into a business carries a lot of benefits. Some of the positives we see most frequently are:

  • Back-order management
    Our solution makes light work of assigning stock to backorders, helping you to become more efficient with purchasing and stock allocation.
  • Stock synchronisation
    No matter what channel you’re selling on, our stock level sync will help you maintain accurate stocks levels on all platforms.
  • Pricelists and promotions
    Do you offer price structures or special promotions? We have multiple options to help you categorize and control offers.
  • Purchasing stock
    How do you know what to buy, when, and how much? We give you the requirements, so you just make the purchase.
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cloud based

What about cloud-based stock control software?

Alongside server-based stock control software, there’s always the option of having your stock control hosted within the cloud. That means all the benefits, with on-the-go browser-based access.

  • View of your stock levels, goods in, and despatched orders in real time on the move.
  • Easy access to your whole business, all with a simple browser login
  • More affordable than some server-based software, so better suited for SMEs with less start-up capital.
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