In order to win customers’ attention and money in a highly competitive marketplace like Amazon, sellers often fight dirty. The least forgiving fight is the one for the Amazon Buy Box. Unfortunately, it is a fight that never ends.

But don’t worry, in this blog post we will help you sharpen your sword and win the battle!

What Is the Amazon Buy Box?

Before you march straight into battle, it is a good idea to know what you are fighting for. The Amazon Buy Box is the area on the right-hand side of the product detail page, where the customer can add an item to their shopping cart. And once the buyer clicks ‘Add to Basket’ the sale goes to the seller who’s listing is in the box.

If only one seller is offering a specific item, he or she will usually be in the Buy Box. If many sellers are offering the same product, which is often the case on Amazon, they are competing for the Buy Box. Who is in the Buy Box rotates and changes constantly.

The Buy Used Box

In cases where you are selling used items instead of new ones, the principle is the same. The user can simply switch to the Buy Used Box by selecting the ‘Buy used’ radio button in the Buy Box. However, the Buy Used Box can only be won by sellers who are professional merchants and sell either books, music, videos or DVDs. The items must be in at least good condition and the seller must subscribe to Fulfilment by Amazon.

Other Sellers

The seller who wins the Buy Box will then be presented to the customer as the first choice. The remaining sellers will be listed either in the ‘Other Sellers on Amazon’ box below the Buy Box, or when the customer clicks the ‘used & new’ link. Naturally, the latter is the least preferable situation for a seller.

A screenshot of the options for buying a product on Amazon

Why Should You Fight for the Amazon Buy Box?

While the fight for the Buy Box is definitely a tough one, it is also definitely worth it. More than 80% of Amazon’s sales are made through the Buy Box, as Amazon customers tend to simply buy from the seller that is suggested first.

And being this first choice makes a huge difference to your sales. This is why winning the Buy Box is of such great importance – because it can boost your sales in an instant and be the starting point to a booming Amazon business.

How Can You Win This Fight?

A knight swinging a sword

However, actually winning the Amazon Buy Box is by far not easy. There are loads of ‘secret formulas’ buzzing around the internet but their accuracy is doubtful. Especially, as Amazon constantly changes and modifies the metrics for choosing the Buy Box winner. It is also a very complex algorithm, which is based on various factors.

Generally, you will need to deliver a great performance on Amazon, achieve awesome ratings and still offer competitive prices. You can significantly increase your chances by following these guidelines:

  • Offer competitive prices, as Amazon takes into account the price including standard UK delivery. However, the lowest price does not guarantee the Buy Box as many other factors are of importance as well.
  • Keep stock available, as you cannot win the Amazon Buy Box without having the item on stock. This also means to ensure you only offer items on Amazon that are on stock to avoid negative customer feedback and cancellations. A low returns rate is also beneficial.
  • Provide multiple shipping options. It is generally suggested that sellers who use Fulfilment by Amazon have greater chances for the Buy Box. Using FBA is, however, not compulsory to win the Buy Box. Your chances can also be good if you are using Seller Fulfilled Prime. You should furthermore try to provide tracking wherever possible.
  • Another very important factor is customer experience and satisfaction. Keeping your Order Defect Rate low and your customer feedback ratings high is crucial. Other metrics include delivery experience like speed of delivery or lead-time-to-ship. Also provide good customer service, ideally 24/7.
  • In general, take a good look at Amazon’s Seller Performance Measurement and Customer Metrics. Performing well on those can be a great benefit when fighting for the Buy Box. More information on those can also be found in your Seller Central.

Follow these suggestions by keeping your prices down and your performance up and you are on the best way to win the Amazon Buy Box and the huge sales that come with it for yourself.

You Don’t Have to Fight Alone

At first glance, this might seem like a battle that cannot be won. But you do not have to fight it alone.

With a mobile ERP system that helps you with all your business processes, from order management and stock control to CRM and much more, you are in the best position to perform great and win the Amazon Buy Box.

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