In our third blog post on our 8.119 Changes series, we would like to introduce to you all of the improvements that we’ve made with regard to Order Processing in v 8.119.

Order Processing

A range of changes have been made within the Sales Order function, including:

Past Prices by Date Range

The application has been enhanced by adding an option to control the Past Prices date range. This means that you can now define how many days into the past the Sales Order Past Prices dialogue will enquire. A new System Values setting has been added to control the default setting for this functionality.  As a result, for example, you can now restrict the data shown in the Past Prices window to a year, a month or any other period. It allows you to view only the data that you are interested in.

Groupon Delivery Addresses

When importing orders from Groupon, it is now possible to use the Delivery Address as the Invoice Address, in cases where no Invoice Address has been specified in the Import File. As a result you won’t be impacted by blank Invoice Addresses from Groupon Imports anymore. This change is active from version 8.118 onwards.

Rollover Organisation

One can now use the ‘Roll Over’ address information on a Sales Order to access relevant information more quickly. This has been enabled by updating the [Sales Order | Detail | Address] screen with the Green Roll Over functionality found in the [Customer | Detail | Address] tab. This means that your customer services team can drill into even more useful data straight from an order, including; Organisation, Longitude, and Latitude.

Sales Invoice Manager

Fast Track Despatch Invoice Weight

As a valuable improvement to the Sales Invoice Manger’s functionality, the optional * Fast Track despatch facility has been expanded to display the Total Weight of each Invoice being processed. This allows the specification of the actual weight while still harnessing the speed of the Fast Track despatch process. The same weight data as is displayed on the standard Confirm Shipment dialog is used as the default initial value.

Company Code (URN) Filter

URN filters have been added to the F4 filter dialog in [Sales Invoice Manager | Staged Processing]. This means that it is now quicker than ever to locate and process a batch of orders (or even a single order) for a specific company. Equally invaluable for handling both major trade accounts and picking out an individual customer’s order quickly and easily.
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*Please contact our Development Team if you would like to explore enabling this function in your instance of Khaos Control.