Linnworks pricing plan

This week it was announced that the popular order management software company, Linnworks, will be introducing a new price plan across the board. For current customers, they’re giving a three-month period until the 21st August 2019 to migrate to the new pricing system. Despite a large and loyal customer base, these changes in pricing haven’t been received all too well:

“Our pricing has just been increased tenfold. Shocking, an appalling way to treat customers.”, Trustpilot

“They have thrown us in at the deep end”, Trustpilot

“Pretty much the same story as every other disappointed customer on here. We are looking at a minimum of a 300% price increase which is just untenable.”, Trustpilot

These are just a small selection of nearly 50 new Trustpilot reviews made in the last 48 hours.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first (and potentially not the last) time the company have made a change to their pricing structure. Back in September 2016, Linnworks introduced a pricing plan that saw up to 60% of customers experience an increase in fees. Flash forward three years, and a new pricing structure will yet again have a substantial impact on certain kinds of customers.

Most significantly, those with high volumes and low selling prices will be faced with an additional order price for a higher percentage of their sale. Effectively, for the first time, Linnworks will introduce SKU and order levels, and if you exceed these levels you will need to pay a per order fee for any orders over the set amount, or move to a more expensive plan. The introduction of SKU and order limits have resulted in following packages:

– Linnworks Standard: £150 p/month for 20,000 SKUs and 1,000 monthly orders (£0.14 per order thereafter).

– Linnworks Advanced: £450 p/month for 50,000 SKUs and 3,500 monthly orders (£0.12 per order thereafter).

If you yourself are a Linnworks user, it’s crucial you study the new pricing plan to decipher whether paying for additional orders makes more financial sense for your business, rather than opting for a higher base price under Linnworks. Equally, it’s important to consider that prices may well likely rise in the future of this company, so consider your options wisely.

Alternatives to Linnworks

There are many alternatives to Linnworks but it’s important to choose to right system that suits your business. Khaos Control is a great alternative to Linnworks offering the same great features as well as a whole lot more and, better still, you can get your first 2 months of system for just £12 a month, a deal that’s exclusive to all Linnworks customers.