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Addresses and Contacts Limited

Khaos Control Cloud allows you to store multiple addresses and multiple contacts for an individual contact or contact. This can be especially useful for B2B businesses that deal with large clients or institutions. Brightpearl is limited to one contact per address, only two addresses and two address lines per address.

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Stock Item to Supplier Relationships Limited

Although Brightpearl allows you to link stock items to suppliers (so you know who supplies which items), it does so in a limited way. You are not able to specify a supplier reference (a reference by which the supplier knows the item), nor can you specify a supplier specific price or default reorder quantity. In addition, the lead time cannot be specified for each product the supplier supplies, but instead this can only be assigned at the supplier level.

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No Quotation/Pipeline Management

Brightpearl doesn't support sales pipelines or quotes. Without this functionality, it's difficult to provide a seamless purchasing journey for your customers. With Khaos Control, you can create and manage quotations quickly and easily. View the last time someone in your business interacted with a customer, and benefit from real-time conversion rate statistics.

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No CRM Functionality/Comm Log

CRM tools put customer communication at the heart of your operations. Brightpearl doesn't have built in CRM tools, making it difficult to record and manage customer interactions and provide excellent service. With Khaos Control, you can easily manage everything from a customers' purchase and refund history, to their address and postcode. This equips your team with the tools to provide outstanding service and increase your customer retention.

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"We are loving Khaos Control Cloud! Support have been great when we get stuck. We're working more efficiently and have clear sight of our stock control and order processing."

Chris Barlow, Director at Modish Living

Why Khaos Control Cloud?

Khaos Control Cloud is a powerful, all-in-one business management software that has helped businesses everywhere achieve business clarity through control. Benefit from extensive functionality to aid you in reaching new business heights; manage your orders, couriers and inventory all in a single solution.