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When you switch, you get your first 2 months of Khaos Control Cloud for just £12 a month. That's some massive savings - book a demo with one of our team today to get started.


In Khaos Control Cloud, you can track all campaigns to determine if they’re worthwhile for your business, which gives you a good handle on offering promotions, and greater control and flexibility in managing keycodes. In Unleashed, this feature is limited, meaning you may miss out on important stats and reporting that can increase your return and overall business effectiveness.

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In Unleashed, 3rd party APIs are only available to members on the ‘medium’ size membership and above. This means that if you want to integrate with a particular channel, you have to pay more for it. In Khaos Control Cloud, 3rd party API software is available to all users, regardless of the size of the business, meaning you can link any channel to your Khaos Control Cloud account quickly and easily.

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Accounting features

Accounting is a fundamental function for all businesses. Effectively managing finances, processing payroll and creating financial reports is crucial to the success of a business. Unleashed does not have any in built account features. Why pay for stock control software and separate accounting software? Khaos Control Cloud provides both, saving you time and money.

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Khaos Control Cloud allows part-shipment of orders, which means that your customers can receive some of the goods they have ordered, even if all the items from their order aren’t in stock. Unleashed doesn't offer this functionality, which means your customers have to wait longer for their order, reducing the chance of repeat business.

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"We are loving KCC! Support have been great when we get stuck. We're working more efficiently and have clear sight of our stock control and order processing."

Chris Barlow, MD at Modish Living


The most important thing in a software solution is to have everything in one place, and while Unleashed does have some impressive functionality, it’s lack of integrations and lack of an accounting function means you need additional systems to run alongside it. We believe your business’ software should make your life that little bit easier, which is why Khaos Control Cloud is the perfect match. Our cloud based solution gives you everything you need to control your business in one location, all for an affordable monthly cost.