sales made easy

Create user-friendly quotes in an instant, act on leads quickly, and create special promotions and lists for your customer base. Full control of your sales, whether online, at a show or in person, with clear oversight of the entire process, from the minute a customer submits an order to the minute they receive it.

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supply chain that brings together all your processes

Working with your supply chain doesn’t just mean understanding what will turn up when. It’s about developing a partnership and a successful relationship with your suppliers while keeping an eye on product data, pricing and returns. Our stock control software allows complete oversight of your supply chain, providing more time to work on developing long-lasting relationships with your suppliers.

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Simplified Inventory Management

Instant access to up-to-the-minute stock control levels. Full oversight of returns, surplus stock, sales and stock loss, providing you with a close-up look at the heart of your business. This provides a clear breakdown of what is coming in and out of your business, so you’re always on top of your business movements. Our inventory management solutions mean fully informed purchasing decisions thanks to integrated sales, purchasing and stock level data, updating you in real-time. Take control of your chaos and grow your company rapidly and sustainably.

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Get complete control of your warehousing

As a business grows, an ERP system with integrated warehouse management is key. Our warehouse functionality ensures that any warehousing tasks are carried out efficiently and accurately whether the tasks involve routine stock moves, booking goods in, picking sales orders or preparing dispatches. Complete oversight of your warehouse means smarter decisions, efficient stock control, and a faster overall warehousing process.

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Get to know your customers

Without customers, there can be no business. Our CRM management tools help you put customer communication at the heart of your operations. Whether that’s new leads or complaints, our management system will make sure your customers always know they are being well looked after. Using our CRM system software, you and your team will be able to build up a comprehensive picture of their likes, dislikes and order history with you, all leading to improved communications and better customer service.

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Fuss-free accounting

With fully integrated accounting functionality, our ERP solutions give you up-to-the minute financial reporting, allowing you to stay on top of revenue, profitability and all your business expenses. Our accounting solutions are perfect for everyone, whether that’s you processing your accounts through Xero, or your accountant taking control.

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