Why Khaos Control CLOUD

Inventory Management

Across multiple channels

Order management

control from start to finish

Fully integrated

Seamless control

Our cloud-based solution streamlines your stock control, order processing, CRM and accounting.

Using advanced ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning), we put retailers and wholesalers in control of their business 24/7. As a cloud-based solution, Khaos Control Cloud can be accessed on any device, whether it be desktop, mobile or tablet…just make sure you’ve got an internet connection.

Companies that use Khaos Control CLOUD

Sign up and bring control to your khaos

  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering great service with our inbuilt CRM
  • Centralise your B2B business with B2C retail in one simple solution
  • Give staff the tools they need to do their job well
  • Maintain accurate stock levels and sync them automatically to your website
  • A process driven pick pack and despatch so you know exactly where your orders are
  • Control purchasing and assess reorder points to ensure you’re always holding enough stock to fulfil orders

Anytime, anywhere

Mobile business management software provides you with complete access to all of your business’ data, wherever you are. From shipments to your trial balance, from dashboards to managing your customers. Our responsive ERP application enables you, and your team, to work on your business on any device, no matter where you are.

fast setup

Getting to grips with the system and implementing it doesn’t have to take forever. Khaos Control Cloud allows for speedy implementation, meaning you can get straight to transforming your business.

intuitive interface

Our friendly-to-use interface means you can complete tasks quickly and simply, without having to struggle through complicated screens and hard-to-understand grids.

low cost

Our no commitment plan means you pay-as-you-go for the solution. Get the flexibility you require in an ERP software, without losing functionality. Pricing goes as low as £12 per user per month, with all the features you need to keep ahead of the competition.

Khaos Control Cloud is your hub

Our solution provides oversight and control over each part of your business. With the system becoming your main hub, you can access your sales, purchases, promotions, marketplaces and much more with ease.

Khaos Control Cloud seamlessly integrates with:

Despatch Bay
Big Commerce
Royal Mail

The VISION behind Khaos Control

We strive to be the premium supplier of business ERP software, providing our customers with the best opportunities to improve their bottom line through efficiencies, cost savings and controlled growth.

We want to empower our customers by providing the highest possible level of quality of software and services, allowing them to grow their businesses year on year.

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