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Make easy work of orders with Khaos Control Cloud

We understand how daunting it can looking for a new piece of software. It’s hard enough, coming up with a business idea, getting a start-up off the ground, finding the right suppliers, the right products and then connecting to the right customers.

As your business evolves there comes a time when you need to look at a reliable piece of business management software that’s going to support you at every major milestone in your business. We want to instill confidence not just in our solutions, but to remind you to have confidence in yourself. Getting the right software is just another problem to solve. Fortunately, you have made your way to this page, so your chances of finding the perfect solution to manage your business have just increased dramatically.


Advanced features behind a simple to use system

Running a business with a piece of business management software doesn’t have to be difficult, or time-consuming. With our all-in-one solution Khaos Control Cloud, SME’s across the UK are given the confidence to take control of their everyday processes, as well as the tools to successfully grow their business.

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Set up simple charts to show the data most important to you. See in an instant the orders you’ve taken within the last week, and orders still waiting to go out.

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Keep track of customer and supplier orders, interactions and transactions. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and allows you to make sure customers are treated in-line with your company values.

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Sales Invoice Manager

Drag and drop your orders through different stages: from pick, pack, despatch, all through to shipping and invoicing.

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Quickly generate reports on various aspects of your business.

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Integrations with the providers you love and trust

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Integrations with the providers you love and trust

Whether you’re selling exclusively online, in-store, or making use of multiple marketplaces, connect your Khaos Control Cloud account with the data running through your different selling channels.

Easily connect your business with some of the most popular couriers in the UK, including the likes of ShipStation, Shiptheory and ParcelHub, as well as fulfilment services like Amazon FBA.

Our accounting integrations with the likes of Quickbooks and Xero provide full control over the finances and figures running through your business. Manage your invoices, credit, TAX and more, all whilst staying compliant with the latest regulations.

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High level control within a few clicks of the system

Jump between multiple screens from Khaos Control Cloud’s navigation panel as you carry out different tasks at once. Watch how the system works in different scenarios below.

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5 stars

We looked at a number of systems for our Animal Crackers online selling and so glad we chose Khaos Cloud Control, great system, easy to use and good support when you need it.

Lindsay Simons

5 stars

Top quality integrations that are beyond slick. Allows for automation of most things, importantly couriers. Depending on size weight, area or cost of delivery it chooses what courier service is best for you.

Dave Fynn


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