16th March 2022

It is no surprise that eCommerce has grown at an even faster rate than expected due to the recent pandemic. As a result, many retailers have begun selling their products through online marketplaces to reach a wider audience and tap into a global market. It has become a common theme that retailers have struggled to make a consistent and seamless experience for existing customers when transitioning across an online marketplace.

Our partners over at roseta.io have decided to meet this challenge head-on by teaming up with OnBuy.com back in March 2021. OnBuy.com has become one of the UK’s largest and most reliable online marketplaces. roseta.io has created a new integration that can connect an OnBuy store directly to Khaos Control Cloud. With this API integration, users will be able to automatically receive synced data between the two platforms, giving you a highly visible overview of your business’s operations in real-time. For example, if you place an order on OnBuy, this will be automatically sent and registered on Khaos Control Cloud. Similarly, when a product’s availability is updated in Khaos Control Cloud, these changes are replicated like-for-like within OnBuy.

This API solution is perfect for users looking to diversify their selling channels onto the OnBuy platform while also maintaining Khaos Control Cloud as their central hub of the business. This can help retailers avoid overselling, losing track of stock levels, having an inconsistent view of products sales, and updating information across multiple channels.

roseta.io has stated that its primary mission is to make the integration simple and accessible to various businesses to help them scale across into new markets. This new integration will allow current OnBuy store owners to directly connect their business to Khaos Control Cloud, therefore giving them complete visibility and management of their business while on the go.

Our customers over at Modish Living perfectly highlight how integral Khaos Control Cloud can become for a business. “Almost everyone in the business interacts with Khaos Control Cloud. It’s fundamental in what we do… And we’d be pretty lost without it”.

Find out more about the OnBuy integration.