Paypal Integration

Paypal Integration

Integrations / Paypal

Our integration with PayPal means giving your customers flexibility with their payments. Accept payments from anyone, anywhere in the world. All payments made via PayPal will be documented in the system. Please contact our development team to learn more about using PayPal Braintree with your website and Khaos Control.

Capture Payments

Capture and authroize all payments made from PayPal within Khaos Control.

Reconcile Payments

Easily reconcile the payments associated with your PayPal account, all from within the system.

Create and Process Refunds

Create and allocate refunds from orders made via PayPal from within the system.

Tax Rates & Currencies

Both Khaos Control and Xero support multiple currencies, converting sales as soon as they land from overseas.

Why integrate with Paypal?

PayPal offers comprehensive payment processing solutions which enable your business to accept payments. Safe, simple and accepted by millions of online shops in over 200 countries. Join the 300 million worldwide who use PayPal.

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