Robert Welch + khaos control

When Robert Welch left the Royal College of Art in 1955, he set up with just his drawing board and a camp bed in a 18th century Silk Mill in the English Cotswold Hills. Today’s Robert Welch team are fortunate enough to still be working in the same building where it all began 60 years ago. Robert Welch’s passion to create beautiful, functional, timeless products remains rooted in the company’s design DNA, ensuring his memory lives on and that every new product continues to be ‘designed the Robert Welch way’.

The Business challenge

Robert Welch were looking to further their growth and development by integrating their website with Khaos Control. With emphasis on quality of product and customer service, it was important that the integration was completed without any bumps as to not disrupt regular business. Robert Welch also wanted to eliminate the manual entry and checking of orders and lower their overall response times.

The solution

Khaos Control Solutions and Robert Welch implemented Khaos Control into their business, providing:

  • A fully integrated ERP system to support the growing Robert Welch Designs. With everything in one place, Robert Welch would see steady growth and new peaks in their processing performance.
  • An ERP solution to work alongside an already-developed Bluebolt website. Bluebolt and Khaos Control worked together to make the project successful.

The benefits

Peak Processing Performance – May 2015 saw the integration go live and Robert Welch Designs has been reaping the benefits ever since. Peak turnaround for eCommerce orders has traditionally been to have goods picked, packed and despatched within five days of a customer placing their order on the website. In the run-up to Christmas 2015 this was halved and, on a number of occasions, Robert Welch Designs was able to despatch goods on the same day that an order was placed on the website.

Customer Satisfaction – In addition to enabling them to make a paradigm shift operationally, the integration has also led to great feedback from their customers. Robert Welch Designs are Google Certified and now have a rating of 4.9 out of 5, with their latest reviews telling their own story. Being able to pick, pack and despatch orders more than 2.5 times (and in some cases 4 times) as quickly as before, has led to great feedback that has driven their Google Certification rating.

Stock Accuracy and Reordering – Integrating their website with Khaos Control means that Robert Welch Designs’ team now have complete faith in their stock numbers. They are no longer wondering if a pile of emails has been missed and, therefore, another 20 Carving Knife Sets are already spoken for. Customer service, purchasing and replenishment decisions can be quickly and with confidence, thanks to accurate, up to the minute, data.

Live Order Tracking – Thanks to the Khaos Control API, Robert Welch Designs’ customers are able to log into their accounts on the BluBolt website and get an up to the minute update of how their order is progressing, from receipt, through the fulfilment process and onto the goods being in the hands of the courier. Putting this knowledge in the hands of their customers has not only improved customer satisfaction, it’s also improved efficiency by leading to a reduction in calls and emails for the customer service team.

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