Big Game Hunters + khaos control

It all started at a children’s birthday party back in 1997, when one individual felt the need for a party game that would be fun for both children and adults. Out of that developed not only a successful garden games manufacturing business, but since 2006, Big Game Hunters. Big Game Hunters are now a leading outdoor toy retailer with a passion for hunting down the biggest and best outdoor games for our customers. Their areas of expertise range from truly giant garden games to trampolines, playhouses, basketball and sports equipment.

The Business challenge

Previously, Big Game Hunters consisted of two shops, 12 ecommerce websites and a large drop ship mail order catalogue business. This changed dramatically over the years, with the business eventually changing to 100% online, selling on multiple platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Tesco. With change, came the need for a system that could handle the business.

The solution

The team and Khaos Control stepped in and adapted the systems to be able to cope with these new platforms, whilst also elevating some of the hassle. With the introduction of Multichannel Integration, the total number of processed orders increase by over 300%. Alongside Multichannel Integration, another useful development for the business was automating their downloading and shopping on various platforms. With the same saved, the business were able to focus on other jobs in the business.

The benefits

“We have been using Khaos Control for 10 years now. One of the things that I have always loved about Khaos is that as we grew and developed new needs, the software was changing too. Khaos were able to use the experience of their customers to constantly update and adapt the software. So, as technology changed, user needs changed, and we got bigger, it was always able to grow with us. When we first started, our maximum number of orders that we could process was a little over 100, with two people working the whole day. Over the last summer, we hit a record of just under 900 orders in one morning – and Khaos Control has certainly played a big part in that success. However, we feel that we have just only scratched the surface of what is possible with Khaos Control and we look forward to even more new features and future developments.” – John Cardy, Managing Director

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